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Finding manufacturers for acrylic book slip cases often involves specialized suppliers who cater to custom or niche requests. You might need to directly contact acrylic fabrication companies or packaging specialists that offer customization services. Consider reaching out to them with your specific requirements, such as dimensions, quantity, and any customizations needed for your book slip cases.

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Book slip case manufacturers SKAB-082
1. MOQ: 100 pieces (depended on products size);
2. Material: high quality acrylic sheets;
3. We offer custom service for color / shape / size etc;
4. Free design, free tooling cost for custom orders;
5. Sample is available;
6. Sample time: 3 – 5 days;
7. Mass goods time: 10 – 20 days;
8. Worldwide shipping service by sea / by air, cheap freight cost;
9. 100% quality guaranteed, competitive price.

Attention Please: Our product range is not limited to the pictures on this website. We provide a variety of custom acrylic products. Welcome to contact us for details. Thank you!

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