Acrylic box

Custom acrylic box with sliding lid

Acrylic lucite box with lid is the most popular product in the market. A clear acrylic sliding top effortlessly fits and glides through built in grooves on the top of the unit and can be removed from one or both sides. We can offer different types with suitable sizes for you.

Factory Custom 5 Sided Acrylic Box

Our 5 sided acrylic boxes have one side open, are perfect for various uses such as bins, trays, pedestals, risers, or covers. These customizable display units can be tailored precisely to your desired size specifications, allowing you to showcase a diverse range of products. Additionally, we offer the option to incorporate your logo, product name, or any other branding elements necessary for your display.

Custom Acrylic Box with Lock and Hinged Lid

Want something a little more secure? Each acrylic box with hinged or locking lid makes for great display boxes, or simply storage containers that allow for high visibility. Whatever the use, they will be up to the task and will perform it with a beautiful appearance in mind.

Custom Acrylic Display Box Plexiglass Display Case

Display cases are incredibly versatile tools for showcasing items in various settings such as retail stores, museums, galleries, schools, professional offices, and even living spaces,also serve as protective enclosures for collector's items and novelty pieces. They provide an excellent platform for presenting objects of interest.

Custom Acrylic Slipcase Book Magazine Slip Case

Our custom book slipcases are designed to provide effortless access to your treasured collection of magazines or books while offering exceptional protection. We specialize in crafting these slipcases by hand, ensuring a perfect fit for each individual book.

Custom Acrylic Display Cabinet

Need to buy acrylic display cabinet, but don't know where to begin? Our website has a large selection to choose from. And we are happy to manufacture custom counter top display cabinets to your specifications

Custom Acrylic Donation Box With Lock

Our acrylic donation boxes provide a cost-effective and convenient solution for accepting small cash gifts at public events. With their compact size, these boxes can be easily placed in various locations such as the checkout counter of your store, a table at a fundraiser, or a reception desk. Their versatility allows you to position them virtually anywhere you desire.

Custom Acrylic Drawer Organizer

Are you looking for a top-quality tiered acrylic drawer organizer? Choose us to supply you ideal acrylic needs. As a custom expert of acrylic drawer organizer in China, we will continuously provide real-promising acrylic products for competitive costs.

Custom Acrylic Shoe Box Stackable Sneaker Display Case

Designed to accommodate both men and women, our shoe boxes are available in a range of sizes that cater to almost any shoe size. Each box features a vented acrylic lid, ensuring optimal preservation of your most valuable shoes over the years. The transparent acrylic design offers a convenient glimpse of your shoes inside the boxes, eliminating the need to open them to admire your collection.

Custom Pokemon Acrylic Booster Box ETB Box Theme Deck Box Wholesale

The Pokémon acrylic booster box has been specifically crafted to cater to the needs of serious investors and game enthusiasts who seek long-term protection for their valuable collections. These sturdy acrylic boxes guarantee utmost durability while providing crystal-clear transparency, ensuring that your cherished Pokémon cards are showcased and safeguarded in the most ideal manner.

Custom acrylic pedestal SKAB-181

Present your product or artwork flawlessly using our exquisite Acrylic Pedestal! Its unique design features a five-sided rectangular shape with an open bottom, making it the ideal choice for professional events, retail displays, galleries, and exhibitions.

Clear acrylic box with lid SKAB-170

Acrylic box with lid is the most popular product in the market. We can offer different types with suitable sizes for you. If you need a precise design for your basic application, don't hesitate on asking for our help.