Brochure holder

Factory Custom Wall Mount Clear Outdoor Brochure Holder Wholesale

Elevate your outdoor marketing with our factory-customized wall mount brochure holders. Discover durable, clear designs for your brochures, available at wholesale rates. Maximize visibility and professionalism in any outdoor setting.

Custom Waterproof Wall Mount Literature Box Brochure Holder

Introducing our wall-mounted brochure holder with a convenient top lid – an ideal flyer stand designed for outdoor applications. Safeguarding valuable commercial materials from potential harm caused by dust and dirt, this holder ensures utmost protection.

Custom Waterproof Outdoor Acrylic Brochure Holder

Our weather-resistant wall mount pamphlet holder with a protective lid. Safeguard your important materials from water, dust, and dirt, ensuring they stay intact and presentable. The sealed fixture guarantees your papers are well-preserved. Ideal for outdoor commercial use.

Custom Clear Acrylic 3 Tier brochure Holder

The brochure holder offers an ideal solution for showcasing a variety of materials such as ads, signs, announcements, brochures, flyers, certificates, photos, and menu holders for restaurants, among others. These plastic frames are perfect for a wide range of settings including offices, hotels, exhibitions, fairs, trade shows, etc.