We are proud to cooperate with various reliable acrylic sheet suppliers. These acrylic sheets contain 100% PMMA, which means it is more transparent and durable. We are able to provide customers with competitive and stable prices.

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SGS Test Report of Acrylic Sheets

Cast Acrylic Sheet Technical Data Sheet:

  • Description

Cast acrylic is manufactured by a process whereby MMA(Methyl Methacrylate monomer) liquid is pumped into a mould made from two sheets of glass. The mould / monomer is then submerged in warm water and the process of polymerization takes place. The result is a sheet of rigid PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) or what is generically called Acrylic. Various trade names are applied to this sheet– in Europe it ‘s called “Perspex”, in the USA it’s often referred to as “Plexi or Plexiglas” and many more.

  • Properties
Water absorption%0.3
Light transmission (clear sheet)%93.4
Rockwell HardnessM-scale100
Tensile StrengthMPa75
Elongation at Break%>4
Flexural StrengthMPa>115
Flexural ModulasMPa3200
Izod Impact StrengthkJ/m22
Vicat Softening Point°C>105
Refractive Index1.49
Surface ResistivityΩ/m2>1014
Dielectric StrengthkV/mm15