Acrylic box

Custom made acrylic box with hinged lid SKAB-175

Craft your ideal storage solution with our custom-made acrylic box featuring a hinged lid. Tailored to your specifications, this box is crafted from premium acrylic, offering durability and clarity. Customize the size, shape, and hinge style to create a unique container that suits your storage needs perfectly.

Acrylic container with lid SKAB-055

Crafted from durable acrylic, these containers come in various shapes and sizes, each equipped with a secure lid. Ideal for organizing kitchen ingredients, office supplies, or personal items, these containers offer transparency for easy visibility of contents while keeping them protected from dust and moisture.

Perspex box with lid SKAB-168

Perfect for organizing various items, from cosmetics to collectibles, they offer transparency for easy visibility while safeguarding contents from dust and damage. Their sleek design and sturdy construction make Perspex boxes with lids a versatile and elegant choice for organizing and showcasing your belongings with sophistication.

Acrylic shoe box display SKAB-140

Acrylic shoe box displays offer a sleek and transparent way to showcase and organize your footwear collection. Crafted from durable acrylic, these boxes provide a clear view of your shoes while keeping them protected from dust and damage.

Custom Non Reflective Lash Tile Box Acrylic Lash Case For Eyelash Extension Work

Customizable in size and compartment layout, it ensures organized and accessible storage for various lash types and lengths. Ideal for professionals, this bespoke acrylic lash case offers a tailored, glare-free solution, enhancing precision and efficiency in eyelash extension work.

Custom makeup storage box acrylic makeup organizer wholesale

Elevate your makeup display and storage with our wholesale custom acrylic makeup organizers, providing a tailored solution for organized and stylish presentation.

Custom acrylic display case with lock SKAB-179

Tailored to your specifications, this case is crafted from durable acrylic, offering a clear and protective enclosure for your items. Customize the size, layout, and locking mechanism for a bespoke display solution that suits your needs perfectly.

Personalized acrylic notepad holder wholesale

Tailor the design, size, and personalized engravings to reflect your brand or desired aesthetics. Perfect for businesses seeking a branded organizational solution, these notepad holders in bulk combine functionality with a touch of personalization.

Custom made shape and size high quality acrylic flower vase

Craft a unique statement piece with our high-quality custom-made acrylic flower vase, tailored to your preferred shape and size. Using premium acrylic, we'll create a vase to your specifications, ensuring durability and clarity for showcasing vibrant blooms. Personalize the shape, dimensions, and design to complement your décor or brand aesthetics perfectly.

Acrylic Donation Box with Rear Open Door Wholesale

Built from durable acrylic, these boxes come with a convenient rear-open door, making it easy to retrieve donations while ensuring security. Ideal for charities, events, or fundraisers, these customizable donation boxes can be tailored in size, color, or branding.

Wholesale luxury clear acrylic wedding ring box

Offering bulk quantities, they ensure a pristine presentation for special occasions. Elevate the ceremony with our wholesale luxury clear acrylic wedding ring boxes, designed to enhance the beauty and significance of exchanging vows.

Acrylic flower rose box wholesale

Crafted from high-quality acrylic, these boxes offer a stunning presentation for roses and other blooms. Available in bulk quantities, these boxes come in various sizes and designs to suit your needs. Ideal for florists or event planners, they provide a transparent and elegant display that enhances the allure of flowers.