Acrylic tray

Plexiglass tray SKAT-009

Discover sleek versatility with our plexiglass trays. Offering modern design and durability, these trays are perfect for showcasing culinary creations or organizing with style. Explore our collection for functional elegance that complements any setting effortlessly.

Blue acrylic tray SKAT-008

Elevate your decor with our stunning blue acrylic trays. Versatile and stylish, these trays combine functionality with a pop of color, perfect for showcasing your culinary delights or adding a vibrant accent to any space. Explore our collection today!

Black serving tray SKAT-007

Discover sophistication in simplicity with our black serving trays. Versatile and chic, these trays exude elegance while providing practicality. Explore our collection to elevate your serving experience with a touch of modern refinement.

White serving tray SKAT-006

Elevate your hosting with our pristine white serving trays. Versatile and elegant, these trays complement any decor while offering functionality. Explore our collection for the perfect addition to showcase your culinary creations in style.

Gold serving tray SKAT-005

Elevate your hosting game with our luxurious gold serving tray collection. Crafted for sophistication, these trays add glamour to any occasion. Explore our range for timeless elegance and make a statement at your next gathering.

Personalized serving tray SKAT-004

Discover the perfect personalized serving tray for any occasion! Our exquisite range combines functionality with elegance, offering customizable designs to elevate your hosting experience. Explore our collection for a unique touch to your serving essentials.

Plastic tray SKAT-003

Discover versatile plastic trays designed for various needs. Our durable, high-quality trays offer convenience and functionality for organizing, serving, and storing. Explore a range of sizes and styles perfect for home, office, or commercial use.

Serving tray SKAT-002

A serving tray, a functional and stylish accessory, elegantly presents culinary delights or beverages. Crafted in various materials like wood, metal, or acrylic, it's designed with handles for easy carrying, making it a versatile essential for serving and entertaining guests with finesse and practicality.

Acrylic tray SKAT-001

An acrylic tray, sleek and versatile, combines functionality with modern aesthetics. Its transparent, durable surface showcases items elegantly while serving as a convenient organizer or decorative piece. With clean lines and a contemporary appeal, it effortlessly elevates any space it graces.