Acrylic boxes are widely used in hypermarkets and specialty stores because of their ease of processing, good light transmission, and clear visibility of external products.

The professional acrylic box processing plant Sunday Knight Co Ltd, share with you the acrylic box manufacturing method and acrylic box manufacturing skills.

Acrylic boxes are made of transparent acrylic sheets. Generally, acrylic sheets with a thickness of 2 – 5mm are used. If they are too thin, the acrylic box is easy to deform and bend. If it is too thick, the acrylic box is relatively expensive to manufacture.

The most commonly used acrylic box manufacturing process in acrylic box processing plants is as follows:

1, Cutting: Cut the acrylic sheet into the required size according to the color required by the customer;

2, Polishing: the acrylic cutting surface after cutting is quite rough, not very transparent, it looks not very beautiful; so after the cutting, the acrylic edge polishing should be polished. Acrylic can be polished to achieve high transparency. It is usually polished with a cloth wheel or diamond polisher.

3, Bonding: the acrylic box is spliced ​​together, and the acrylic glue is applied with a needle tube. After a period of time, after the acrylic glue is dried, the acrylic can be well combined and is very strong. Such an acrylic box is made and looks both beautiful and suitable.

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