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How to choose the right acrylic manufacturer as your partner? Acrylic product customization service usually has a large contract amount. The quality assurance ability, supply ability and capital ability of the supplier will have a great impact on the completion of your order. So we need to consider the following principles when choosing the right […]

How to deal with aging acrylic products? I think a lot of friends who use acrylic products want to know about this. The professional acrylic manufacturer – Sunday Knight Co Ltd will give you a detailed introduction. Due to the wide application of acrylic products, people began to realize that this new material brings us […]

Acrylic display stands

December 30, 2019

Acrylic display stands recently launched are widely loved by people. Ordinary display stands are nothing more than wooden products or glass and plastic products, and they are not beautiful in some stores. Although you don’t care too much about buying items, if you use acrylic display stands, you can greatly increase the display rate of […]

Recently, I saw on the forum that netizens are asking “Will acrylic products turn yellow after using them for a long time?” This is also a question that many customers will worry about when buying acrylic products. The acrylic manufacturers-Sunday Knight Co Ltd will answer them in detail. Before answering this question, we first need […]

Acrylic material surface treatment methods are generally divided into bright and matte surfaces. The material is the same, but the surface effect of different acrylic sheets is presented. The bright surface naturally means that the surface is shiny and has a smooth flat surface effect. High transparency, high brightness, no bubble, is the basic quality […]