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1, The erosion of acrylic by the adhesive leaves traces that are difficult to remove, and the adhesive can be applied to the parts that do not need to be bonded to prevent corrosion by the adhesive. 2, Grease, dust or air bubbles are not conducive to the uniform application of the adhesive. Therefore, the […]

As a non-toxic environmentally friendly substance, Acrylic is widely used in advertising, handicrafts, lighting and other industries, and is closely related to our lives. In fact, high-quality acrylic sheets do not have any odor, because some manufacturers consider the cost and use inferior raw materials to produce a pungent odor. However, acrylic products often have […]

Acrylic boxes are widely used in hypermarkets and specialty stores because of their ease of processing, good light transmission, and clear visibility of external products. The professional acrylic box processing plant Sunday Knight Co Ltd, share with you the acrylic box manufacturing method and acrylic box manufacturing skills. Acrylic boxes are made of transparent acrylic […]

Acrylic is an indispensable material in both life and advertising. It is often used in advertising signs, cultural walls, and wall making, acrylic photo frames, desk cards, etc. We can see it anytime, anywhere. I believe that many friends sometimes encounter such a problem, that is, how to clean the glue on acrylic surface, when […]

How to polish acrylic

April 14, 2019

The cut acrylic sheet has a zigzag pattern on the end surface, which is not smooth and does not emit natural luster. According to the requirements of acrylic products, the following polishing processes are available: 1, Planer cutting and polishing method:The acrylic sheet to be sliced ​​is directly pushed on the planer, and the blade […]