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Acrylic products are deeply loved by people because of their various colors and shapes. For example, acrylic display stands, acrylic handicrafts, acrylic sign holders, etc. need bonding technology. Bonding is a technical activity, which requires operators to have patience and skillful technique; good bonding directly affects the appearance of the product, less glue is not […]

Acrylic panel drilling is a very common process, but many customers report that the acrylic panel will burst once the hole is drilled. So how did the explosion happen and what should be done about it? The following is a brief summary of Sunday Knight Co Ltd for your reference: The acrylic panel will burst […]

Car models, aircraft models, and animation models are exquisitely crafted and perfectly presented by reducing the scale of the real object. No matter where it is placed, it is a work of art; everyone has a fairy tale dream in their hearts, and these hand-made molds are many of them. people’s heart love. So, what […]

The production of high-quality acrylic has high requirements on raw material technology and machinery, and the difficulty and cost of production are not affordable for ordinary small workshops, especially for casting acrylic sheets. Therefore, the price of acrylic is generally more expensive. In order to cater to some customers’ pursuit of low prices, many shoddy […]

UV resistant acrylic

January 4, 2022

With the advent of the 5G era, information dissemination is comparable to the speed of light. An Internet celebrity with 100,000 fans takes a few photos and sends them to Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou and other self-media platforms. In a flash, they can get countless likes and comments. , And quickly led to an Internet celebrity […]