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Most of acrylic products were glued. Glue often sticks to clothes and products. It is difficult to clean glue on acrylic for people. Now professional acrylic products manufacturer Sunday Knight Co Ltd teach you how to clear glue on acrylic. Method 1:The main function of the adhesive is stickiness, so certain skills and methods need […]

Acrylic products made of inferior acrylic materials will show deformation, yellowing and blackening after a period of time, and may also be processed into defective products. Therefore, a good acrylic material determines the quality of a product. Today, Sunday Knight Co Ltd is here to teach you how to identify genuine and fake acrylic products. […]

Have you found that the application of acrylic is permeating all aspects of our lives? No matter where you go, you can find its footprint… Now walking on the street, you can see acrylic products everywhere. The most common is the acrylic sign. Why is the acrylic sign so popular with everyone? The following is […]

Glass is something we have been in contact with for a long time. In our opinion, transparent products are generally made of glass. We never thought that one day glass will be eliminated by acrylic products. Perhaps acrylic products are continuously improved according to the disadvantages of glass to replace glass. What is the reason […]

Acrylic boxes are easy to process, low cost, good light transmission performance, and can clearly see the internal products; therefore acrylic boxes are widely used in hypermarkets and specialty stores. Today, let ’s talk about acrylic box manufacturing methods and acrylic boxes Production skills! Acrylic boxes are made of transparent acrylic. Generally, acrylic sheets with […]