Office filing trays SKBH-066

  • Office filing trays
  • SKBH-066-1 Office filing trays
  • SKBH-066-2 Office filing trays
  • SKBH-066-3 Office filing trays
  • SKBH-066-4 Office filing trays

Tailor the configuration of your filing trays to match your specific needs. Choose from single, double, or multi-tiered options, and explore stackable designs for optimal space utilization. Our customizable trays adapt to the unique requirements of your workspace.

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1. MOQ:  200-500pcs  (it depends on the dimension);
2. Material: acrylic / perspex / Plexiglas;
3. Color / shape / size: can be custom made;
4. Handmade, free tooling cost, free design;
5. Sample is available, sample cost will be charged and refunded after order;
6. Sample time: approx. 3 – 5 days;
7. Mass goods time: 10 – 20 days according to order quantity;
8. Fast worldwide shipping service by sea / by air, cheap freight cost;
9. 100% quality guaranteed.

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