Acrylic box

Perspex box with lid SKAB-052

Elevate your organization or display with our Perspex box, offering a sleek and transparent way to store and present your belongings with convenience and clarity.

Acrylic box with sliding lid SKAB-051

Elevate your organization with our acrylic box featuring a sliding lid, providing a stylish and convenient way to store and display your cherished possessions with transparency and ease.

Acrylic box with hinged lid SKAB-050

The acrylic box with a hinged lid provides a versatile storage solution with added convenience. Crafted for easy access and visibility, this transparent container offers a sleek and durable option for organizing various items.

Acrylic display case SKAB-048

Elevate your displays with our acrylic display case, marrying durability with a clear, professional aesthetic to highlight and protect your treasured items.

Acrylic drawer box SKAB-047

The acrylic drawer box offers both functionality and style for your organizational needs. Crafted with durable and transparent acrylic material, it provides a sleek and modern storage solution.

5 sided acrylic box SKAB-049

Elevate your presentation with our 5-sided acrylic box, providing a modern and captivating way to showcase your belongings with clarity and style.

Election ballot boxes SKAB-046

Trust our election acrylic ballot boxes for a professional and transparent voting solution, ensuring the credibility and security of every ballot cast.

Lockable ballot box SKAB-045

Ensure secure voting with our lockable acrylic ballot box. Crafted from durable, transparent acrylic, this box provides visibility while maintaining the confidentiality of collected ballots.

Clear plastic donation box SKAB-044

Streamline contributions with our clear plastic donation box. Crafted for both convenience and visibility, this sturdy container allows easy monitoring of donations while maintaining a professional appearance.

Acrylic voting box SKAB-043

Secure and transparent, our acrylic voting box ensures the integrity of every vote. Crafted from durable transparent acrylic, this box offers visibility while safeguarding the confidentiality of ballots.

Wall mounted donation box SKAB-042

Maximize contributions with our wall-mounted donation box. Designed for convenience and security, this sturdy box mounts easily, ensuring a visible and accessible collection point. Ideal for charities, nonprofits, or events, its durable construction inspires trust while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Plexiglass donation box SKAB-041

Enhance fundraising transparency with our durable plexiglass donation box. Crafted for reliability and visibility, this sturdy yet transparent box ensures secure contribution collection. Perfect for charities, events, or community initiatives, its clear plexiglass construction inspires trust while providing an unobstructed view of contributions.