Acrylic box

Clear acrylic drawers SKAB-166

Commonly used in makeup storage, office organization, or home settings, these drawers offer a sleek and modern aesthetic while keeping items neatly arranged and visible.

Acrylic display box SKAB-101

An acrylic display box is a transparent container designed to showcase and protect valuable items or products. These boxes, made from durable acrylic, offer visibility from various angles, providing an unobstructed view of the displayed contents.

Clear shoe boxes SKAB-127

Clear shoe boxes are available in various sizes to accommodate different types of shoes, from heels to sneakers, providing an organized and aesthetically pleasing storage solution for footwear collections.

Custom acrylic flower rose box SKAB-053

These custom boxes provide a stunning and personalized presentation that enhances the beauty and significance of each flower, creating a lasting impression.

Custom acrylic display cabinets SKAB-173

Custom acrylic display cabinets offer a personalized and sophisticated way to showcase items, collectibles, or products while maintaining visibility and protection. Crafted to your specifications, these cabinets are tailored in terms of size, layout, shelves, and lighting options, providing a unique display solution.

Custom acrylic display case SKAB-174

A custom acrylic display case is a tailor-made solution for showcasing and protecting valuable or cherished items. Crafted according to your specifications, these cases offer a personalized design in terms of size, shape, compartments, and additional features like lighting or locks.

Custom acrylic cabinet SKAB-180

Custom acrylic cabinets offer a versatile and personalized storage solution for various items, ranging from collectibles to retail products. Tailored to your specifications, these cabinets are designed in terms of size, shelving options, doors, or drawers to fit your specific needs.

House shaped acrylic donation box SKAB-178

These boxes can be customized in size, color, or with personalized messages or branding, making them an engaging and recognizable way to encourage donations. Ideal for charities, nonprofits, or community initiatives, etc.

Custom colored acrylic boxes SKAB-176

Custom colored acrylic boxes offer a personalized storage or display solution with a vibrant touch. Tailored to your preferences, these boxes are crafted from high-quality acrylic and can be customized in various hues, shades, or patterns to match your branding or desired aesthetic.

Custom acrylic box with lid SKAB-177

A custom acrylic box with a lid provides a versatile and tailored storage solution. Crafted to your specifications, these boxes are made from durable acrylic and can be designed in various sizes, shapes, and lid styles. Whether for retail display, organizing personal belongings, or packaging, these boxes offer transparency and protection for stored items.

Display box SKAB-169

Whether used for retail displays, exhibitions, or personal collections, display boxes provide a transparent and secure enclosure, allowing showcased items to be viewed without handling them. They're a popular choice for highlighting and protecting valuables while adding an aesthetic touch to presentations in various settings.

Custom sliding lid acrylic box SKAB-167

Whether used for retail displays, packaging, or organizing personal items, the sliding lid acrylic box combines functionality with a modern design, offering a convenient and customized storage solution tailored to your specific needs and preferences.