Acrylic tray

Various custom acrylic trays designs, shapes, colors, sizes, models at at competitive price. All of our acrylic trays were made from brand new pure acrylic material for long-lasting quality, they are ideal for all types of events, parties, residential or commercial uses.
Custom service is available, no extra cost for custom acrylic tray. MOQ can vary depending on the products and can generally range from 1 piece to 50 pieces.
To construct a personalized acrylic tray or plexiglass tray, please send us a sketch or drawing or picture with dimensions. We look forward to working with you, thank you!

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    Custom black acrylic tray SKAT-103

    Custom black acrylic tray

    Gold mirror acrylic tray SKAT-102

    Gold mirror acrylic tray

    Translucent green acrylic tray SKAT-101

    Translucent green acrylic tray

    Custom unique acrylic tray SKAT-100

    Custom unique acrylic tray

    Double color acrylic tray wholesale SKAT-099

    Double color acrylic tray wholesale

    Custom acrylic food tray SKAT-098

    Custom acrylic food tray

    Black acrylic serving tray SKAT-097

    Black acrylic serving tray

    Purple acrylic tray SKAT-096

    Purple acrylic tray

    Translucent black acrylic tray SKAT-095

    Translucent black acrylic tray

    Custom color acrylic serving tray SKAT-094

    Custom color acrylic serving tray

    Cheap acrylic trays SKAT-093

    Cheap acrylic trays

    Acrylic serving platter SKAT-092

    Acrylic serving platter