Acrylic tray

Black acrylic tray wholesale SKAT-118

Crafted with durable black acrylic, these trays offer sophistication in bulk quantities. Ideal for businesses, events, or retailers seeking chic organization solutions, these trays effortlessly merge practicality with modern design.

Personalized clear acrylic tray SKAT-117

Personalize your space with our bespoke clear acrylic tray. Crafted for uniqueness, this transparent tray offers customization options to suit your style. From engraved monograms to intricate designs, make it your own.

Custom color acrylic tray SKAT-116

Elevate your space with a custom color acrylic tray tailored to your unique vision. Crafted to your specifications, this tray offers a canvas for personalized hues and designs. From vibrant shades to subtle tones, create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that resonates with your style.

Acrylic food tray SKAT-115

Ideal for entertaining or daily use, this food tray effortlessly merges practicality with a modern aesthetic, elevating your dining experience with its clean and sophisticated look. Resistant to stains and versatile in style, the acrylic food tray is a must-have for those seeking both functionality and elegance in their serving essentials.

Acrylic serving platters SKAT-114

Experience the perfect marriage of functionality and sophistication with acrylic serving platters, enhancing your table with their understated allure.

Black acrylic tray with handles SKAT-113

Introducing our sleek black acrylic tray with handles, a sophisticated blend of style and convenience. Crafted with durable black acrylic, this tray features sleek, integrated handles for easy transport.

Handmade black acrylic serving tray SKAT-112

Handcrafted elegance meets modern functionality in our handmade black acrylic serving tray. Meticulously crafted, this tray boasts a sleek black finish, exuding sophistication. Each piece, meticulously made by skilled artisans, ensures a unique touch and superior quality.

Acrylic tray design SKAT-111

Acrylic tray design is an artful fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from transparent acrylic, these trays boast versatility in design. Minimalist, intricate, or modern – the design spectrum spans various styles, catering to diverse preferences.

Custom clear acrylic tray SKAT-110

Indulge in personal style with our custom clear acrylic tray. Tailored to your specifications, this transparent tray offers a unique canvas for your vision. From size to design, create a bespoke masterpiece. Crafted from premium clear acrylic, it's both resilient and elegant.

A4 Acrylic document tray SKAT-109

Discover organization and elegance with our A4 acrylic document tray. Crafted to accommodate A4-sized documents, this sleek tray provides a sophisticated solution for organizing paperwork. Its transparent design offers clarity, effortlessly complementing any workspace aesthetic.

Acrylic tray with gold mirror base SKAT-108

Introducing sophistication with our acrylic tray featuring a stunning gold mirror base. This tray exudes luxury with its reflective gold surface, adding a touch of glamour to any setting. Crafted from premium acrylic and accented with a lavish gold mirror finish at the base, it's both durable and visually striking.

Custom acrylic trays SKAT-107

Create your vision with our custom acrylic trays. Crafted to your specifications, these trays offer a canvas for your unique style. From size to shape, color to design, personalize every detail. Crafted from premium acrylic, these trays balance durability with bespoke aesthetics.