Custom acrylic blocks

Sand blasting frosted acrylic paperweight SKCA-003

Customizable in size and shape, our Sandblasted Frosted Acrylic Paperweights offer a personalized touch to your desk accessories. The frosted surface not only enhances visual appeal but also diffuses light, creating a subtle and refined effect.

Acrylic paper weight SKCA-002

Ideal for keeping documents in place, preventing them from being blown away, or simply adding a minimalist decorative touch to your workspace, our Acrylic Paperweights combine functionality with a contemporary aesthetic.

Custom acrylic paperweight SKCA-001

Ideal for office decor, promotional items, or executive gifts, our Custom Acrylic Paperweights combine functionality with a modern aesthetic. Elevate your workspace or impress clients with a thoughtful and customized touch.

Custom solid acrylic blocks SKCA-014

Whether used for retail displays, exhibitions, or personal collections, our Custom Solid Acrylic Blocks offer a refined and contemporary solution. Make a statement with a display that reflects your brand or personal style, and let your items stand out against the backdrop of these customized solid acrylic blocks.

Custom Size Solid Clear Acrylic Block SKCA-036

Tailored to your specific size requirements, our Custom Size Solid Clear Acrylic Blocks provide a personalized touch to your presentations. The clear acrylic material ensures optimal visibility, allowing your items to take center stage with a clean and unobtrusive aesthetic.

Acrylic brand block SKCA-024

Ideal for creating a lasting impression, our Acrylic Brand Blocks combine clarity with customization, offering a versatile solution for brand visibility. Elevate your brand presentation with a touch of transparency – choose Acrylic Brand Blocks for a contemporary and impactful representation of your unique brand.