Car models, aircraft models, and animation models are exquisitely crafted and perfectly presented by reducing the scale of the real object. No matter where it is placed, it is a work of art; everyone has a fairy tale dream in their hearts, and these hand-made molds are many of them. people’s heart love. So, what kind of packaging box can be worthy of these beautiful hand-made molds?

Once upon a time, the traditional hand-made mold packaging only considers the protection of the product, usually the entire mold product is sealed, or only has a small area of Only by opening the entire packaging box can we spy on the true face of Mount Lushan, which is inconvenient and can easily lead to product damage.

In the eyes of creative designers, all materials, if used properly, can create eye-catching pieces, even if it’s just a seemingly inconspicuous box. In recent years, with the popularity of acrylic materials, there has also been a “transparent wind” in the packaging of hand-made molds.

Transparency is a word full of possibilities and sci-fi. For packaging, the transparent material not only has a unique texture, but also allows the internal structure to be seen at a glance. The high-transparency acrylic sheet is made into an acrylic box by splicing, which is transparent and shiny, and is full of ornamental value.

Of course, the base of the display box can also be made of colored acrylic plates or other materials, which can be perfectly combined and matched. Under the brilliant lights, the various styles of hand-made molds in the transparent display box are integrated into one, emitting a bright light.

The packaging and display box made of acrylic not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has strong pressure resistance and is not easy to break. It has a high safety index during transportation and storage, and there is no need to worry about damage.

The acrylic hand-made mold display box is not only to protect the product, but also a visual marketing method; the display box designed for the car model, aircraft model, animation model and other hand-made molds starts from introducing the product, to promoting sales, and then becoming a necessary packaging. , even environmentally friendly, recyclable, all designed in place, this is the mission of an acrylic display box.

High-quality acrylic display boxes have high requirements for acrylic sheets. At present, there are many acrylic manufacturers on the market, which requires us to develop a pair of discerning eyes and select high-quality acrylic sheets. Sunday Knight Co., Ltd has 10 years of acrylic manufacturing technology, the quality has reached the EU and US standards, and its cooperative customers are located in more than 120 countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. Sunday Knight Co., Ltd’s acrylic sheet has a light transmittance of more than 93%, which is very expressive and visual impact, has good processing performance, can be arbitrarily shaped, is resistant to yellowing, and lasts for a long time; Customers require customization, suitable for various packaging display creative designs.