Recently, I saw on the forum that netizens are asking “Will acrylic products turn yellow after using them for a long time?” This is also a question that many customers will worry about when buying acrylic products. The acrylic manufacturers-Sunday Knight Co Ltd will answer them in detail.

Before answering this question, we first need to understand the reasons why acrylic products will turn yellow. We know that acrylic sheets are generally divided into recycled acrylic sheets and brand new pure acrylic sheets. Recycled acrylic sheets are cheap but poor quality. Acrylic sheets manufacturers generally add all or part of the recycled acrylic materials during production, so the transparency and texture of recycled acrylic materials are much worse, and the color is generally yellowish. Brand new pure acrylic sheets have uniform color, no water marks, small thickness tolerance, high light transmission, pure and transparent, and no impurities, but the price is slightly higher. Brand new pure acrylic sheets can be applied to various fields with strict appearance and size requirements The products processed by the new acrylic sheets can not yellow for many years.

If the acrylic products you buy turn yellow, it can basically be explained that they are made from recycled acrylic. If you want acrylic products not to turn yellow, it is recommended to buy brand new acrylic products. Although the price is a little more expensive, it is better for the useful life, it is still very cost-effective in comparison.