Whether it is building on the ground, space flight, or medical research, acrylic plays an important role in. In addition, acrylic jewelry, acrylic toys, acrylic Christmas products, acrylic aquarium vase etc.all are made of acrylic.

Which factors are affecting the acrylic products price? Acrylic display stand or acrylic luminous characters all are required for the product color time persist, surface roughness. Lets’s hear the voice from Chinese acrylic manufacturers. Acrylic sheets prices will directly affect the quality of acrylic products, such as acrylic light box. Light transmission performance must be good, in order to achieve this requirement, we must choose the good quality of the acrylic sheet.

However, imported acrylic sheet is too expensive, the domestic acrylic sheet quality can not keep up with the demand, so in this market pressure, some manufacturers in the pursuit of profit, just use the acrylic scrap for processing, then resulting a low quality in acrylic product smooth, transparent, color reduction, anti UV resistance, impact resistance, color etc..

Acrylic product price also depends on the price of fittings. For example, acrylic ultra-thin light boxes or acrylic display stand for mobile phone will use the light. They use inferior LED accessories, light will not reach the best effect.