In recent years, the home market has poured in many new materials, and acrylic is one of them. It entered the Chinese market in the 1990s, but it has been active in the field of outdoor advertising and outdoor decoration for more than 20 years. The time to enter the interior design field is very short, and in the recent period, it has begun to be widely promoted in the home industry. . Let’s take a look at the unique charm of this popular emerging material on home decor.

The advantage is good shape, not easy to break, but also very light.
Compared with the commonly used glass and ordinary plastic products on the market, the advantages of the new material acrylic are very obvious. Acrylic manufacturer Sunday Knight Co Ltd said that acrylic materials have good transparency, strong resistance and good plasticity. Acrylic light transmittance is the best compared to ordinary plastic materials, and transparent acrylic light transmittance is better than glass. Compared with the traditional material of glass, the advantages of acrylic are more prominent, and the strong resistance is the most obvious advantage. It is said that in some countries it has been legislated that the window glass of children’s activity sites will be replaced by acrylic, because it is strong and not brittle. Another advantage of acrylic compared to glass is that it is easy to process and can be soft at 180 °C. Shaped, the temperature can be cooled to room temperature. In addition, acrylic materials are less dense than glass and much lighter than the same volume.

Acrylic is also more resistant to oxidation and is less prone to deformation and discoloration. These advantages have enabled Acrylic to be used in furniture, such as furniture surfaces, bathtubs, bookcases, and wall and ceiling decorations.

A variety of effects, can create different effects

At present, the acrylic color used in home decoration design is various, and there are many different patterns. In addition to the transparent acrylic which is shaped like glass, there is also a monochromatic acrylic sheet with excellent color, and the addition of shells, branches and the like in the middle of the acrylic sheet. A variety of colors similar to the amber effect. There are more than 40 acrylic colors currently developed for home improvement. These materials vary in price depending on the cost of the process, and the unit price ranges from 200 yuan/square meter to 600 yuan/square meter.

Acrylic is slightly more expensive than other materials, but its color, color and hardness are higher than glass. In addition, acrylic for home improvement has different effects through built-in lighting and external lighting. The acrylic decorative surface illuminated by the external light source will have a better brilliance, and the built-in lighting will give Acrylic a semi-transparent romantic visual effect.

At present, monochromatic or transparent acrylic materials are widely used in furniture veneers or as furniture main materials. For example, a bar made of acrylic as a main material, a bar stool, a coffee table, a bathtub, etc., have the advantages of good finish and non-breaking. Acrylics used in home decoration often add further designs, such as some wall and ceiling.

The use of partition ceilings:

In the field of interior decoration, acrylic can be applied to furniture making or furniture veneer, and can also be applied to many aspects of home decoration. Acrylic’s permeability and plasticity are ideal for home partition construction. Acrylic is easy to cut and engrave, and the color and color of the plates are varied. It is used in the living room, dining room and other areas to make engraved partitions. It is not only beautiful, but also its transparent characteristics will make the vision extend.

Acrylic light transmission is often used in light-related decoration. In addition to many lamps made of acrylic materials, people who like DIY may wish to design their own favorite appearances. In addition, due to the new home decoration acrylic color, the effect is numerous. It can also be used creatively on the overall ceiling and wall.

Acrylic can break up the point source and evenly distribute it. In the room, depending on the shape of the ceiling, it can be partially spread out with acrylic of different colors. The built-in point light source works very well. Similarly, the wall of the family can also be used to change, that is, a hollow area on the wall, a built-in light source, and an acrylic decoration on the outside, not only will the wall have a decorative effect, but also can be used as a built-in wall lamp. A uniform light source creates a distinctive home atmosphere. And the decoration owners who like DIY can also use small pieces of acrylic to cut and make small frames and other decorations.