There are many kinds of fish tanks on the market, but acrylic fish tanks are more and more popular in these years. Why choose acrylic fish tanks?

acrylic fish tanks acrylic fish tank








The main advantages of acrylic fish tank is from the acrylic material feature.

1. The acrylic transmittance is up to 92%, so do not need too much lighting, save power. And this material can reflect the wonderful color of the fish tank, greatly improving the fish tank viewing effect.

2. The acrylic has a high degree of plasticity and anti-acid and alkali, the majority of fish friends do not have to worry about the fish tank because of weather changes or aquarium PH changes have been greatly damaged. Acrylic material fish tank weight than ordinary fish tank to be more light, but it is the ability to impact the ordinary fish tank sixteen times. The majority of fish farmers use this fish tank is neither light nor worry about the problem of damage, so the life of the fish tank longer than other fish tank, the majority of such fish tank can be used for up to three years.

3. Long using life. Ordinary fish tank after a period of time, more or less because of fish and man-made causes of varying degrees of wear and tear, resulting in the cylinder is no longer transparent, greatly reducing the taste of watching. The acrylic material fish tank wear resistance is extremely high, can withstand a variety of chemical liquid corrosion and man-made wear and tear, you can keep the cylinder for a long time transparent luster, has maintained excellent viewing effect.

Since the acrylic tank has so many advantages, is it meant that its cleaning and maintenance will be very cumbersome and cumbersome? The answer is no. The reason why this material fish tank for the majority of fish lovers pro-Lai the second reason is that it is very easy to maintain and clean. In the daily cleaning process, we can use feathers or soft cloth to wipe, and then can be washed with water. Such as encountered more difficult to deal with dirty oil and other things, to help with a soft detergent can be cleaned. In the regular maintenance process, only need to use liquid polishing wax evenly applied in the fish tank can be.

Above is the main difference between acrylic fish tanks and common fish tanks. The cleaning and maintenance of this material’s tank is also very simple and convenient.