Recently cloth acrylic home ware from Sunday Knight Co Ltd began to be sought in the world. Cloth acrylic material was made of common acrylic plus fabric. This material has both cloth pattern and color, but also has a crystal general acrylic material transparency and chemical stability, is currently widely used in color mask, aircraft and car doors and windows glass, daily necessities, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies, etc. Aspects, and by the majority of home designers and urban young people love.

These years because of the rapid development of science and technology, countries of science and technology is by leaps and bounds, in such a big premise, the scientists also continue to develop a lot of new materials, and recently from Sunday Knight Co Ltd called fabric acrylic material is this One of the most popular new materials in a few years, especially by the home designer’s unanimous favor, and because of the many advantages of the material is called “all-around” new materials. Why Sunday Knight fabric acrylic material to get such a high evaluation of it? What is the main application of acrylic material in the cloth?

According to well-known sources within the line, as early as World War II, because the acrylic material has a very excellent toughness and light transmission, the beginning is widely used in aircraft windshield, or tank driver cab mirror. And in recent years because of the maturity of technology, especially as this from Sunday Knight Co Ltd cloth acrylic products are well known, the fabric of acrylic materials applications are also more broad.

In a further understanding that Sunday Knight fabric acrylic material with a crystal-like transparency, light transmission rate of 92% or more, soft light, bright, with the dye color of acrylic and have a good color effect. And Sunday Knight cloth acrylic has a good weather resistance, strong adaptability to the natural environment, even if it is a long time in the sun exposure, wind and rain will not make its pattern of color, color and performance changes. At the same time, cloth acrylic material anti-aging performance is also good, can be used in the outdoors. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, durable, and will not fade and other advantages for many home designers to explore a large treasure, from the fabric of a large number of acrylic materials used in home accessories, home decoration.

We are able to see Sunday Knight acrylic products in hotel, shopping malls, office buildings, clubs, villas, museums, medical care, education, dining, exhibitions, etc., except in the home furnishings of Sunday Knight fabric acrylic material figure. Especially in recent years, in many of the bustling business district, everywhere you can see the beautiful logo of the acrylic figure, for many internationally renowned corporate brand image to add infinite charm.