Acrylic sheet is widely used in the signage industry due to its unique advantages. The quality of acrylic sheet directly determines the quality and service life of acrylic signs. However, the quality of acrylic sheets on the market is uneven. How to choose high-quality acrylic sheets has become a headache for advertisers. The problem, today we will tell you about the method of picking acrylic sheets, it is recommended to collect!

How to choose acrylic sheet

How to choose acrylic sheet

1. Identification of Transmittance: After the white acrylic is irradiated with good white light, the light transmitted is very pure, no yellowing or blue, and the light transmittance of the good plate is larger. The pure new material acrylic board has a pure color appearance and the recycled board has a yellowish appearance.

2, Thickness identification: an important feature of acrylic sheet is measured by thickness, usually speaking, thick is sufficient thickness, the purchase must ask the thickness, this is the key factor. The pure new material acrylic board has excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance, and does not stimulate the smell when cutting; the surface of the recycled board is easily scratched, and the odor is irritated when cut.

3, Fire identification: good acrylic is not suitable for burning, and will not produce an unpleasant smell during processing. Many of the materials on the market are posing, and this can be tried with the scrap they say. When the pure new material acrylic plate is heated by thermoforming, it is not easy to generate bubbles and deformation; when the regenerative plate is heated by thermoforming, it is easy to have bubble deformation.

4, Roast soft identification: good acrylic plastic blister to make the board soft and even after sticking together can be separated, and the poor material of the soft and paste together is very difficult to separate. The pure new acrylic sheet has long-lasting adaptability to paint and ink; the recycled board is sensitive to paint and ink, and is prone to silver streaks or cracks.

5, Soft edge identification: new plates and good materials are factory-packed with soft edge, in order to prevent rubbing. So this can be used as a different method of recycling materials and new boards.

6, Quality identification: good sheet manufacturers usually provide samples and actual products, you can check the color and some parameters, it is also very easy to identify.

These tips are still very practical! If you have other tips , please leave a message to tell us!