Most of acrylic products were glued. Glue often sticks to clothes and products. It is difficult to clean glue on acrylic for people. Now professional acrylic products manufacturer Sunday Knight Co Ltd teach you how to clear glue on acrylic.

Method 1:
The main function of the adhesive is stickiness, so certain skills and methods need to be mastered when removing it. People with relevant experience should know that the easiest way to remove glue is when it is not cured. Whether it is stuck to clothes or acrylic products, the fastest and easiest way to remove it is to seize the opportunity and use a rag before the acrylic glue is cured. Add some water and rub it off.

Method 2:
If you accidentally rub the acrylic glue onto the acrylic product, you need to be careful, because the acrylic product is easy to be scratched, and the way to remove the acrylic glue is to slowly scrape the acrylic glue off the acrylic product with a blade. When scraping, be as gentle and patient as possible to avoid scratching acrylic products.

Method 3:
Different acrylic glue treatment methods also have subtle differences, such as acid acrylic glue and neutral acrylic glue. The chemical substances contained in acid acrylic glue and neutral acrylic glue are different. Be careful when handling it. For acrylic with strong acidity If the glue is still cleaned with acidic substances (acid cleaners), it will be counterproductive. Therefore, we must learn to solve problems from a chemical point of view.

Method 4:
Banana water is not water made from bananas. It contains an ingredient called butyl acetate, which smells of banana, so it is called banana water. Pure banana water can be slightly soluble in water. Using banana water to remove acrylic glue can produce unexpected results.

Method 5:
Nail polish remover and alcohol acetone can also remove acrylic glue to a certain extent. The quality of nail polish remover is not high, and it is normal. Nail polish remover is usually used to wash off nail polish. Nail polish and acrylic glue have many common features , So the nail polish remover is also good for removing acrylic glue.

The above are the 5 methods to clear glue on acrylic shared by acrylic manufacturer Sunday Knight Co Ltd. These five methods have a certain effect on the removal of glue. When choosing methods, the quality of the materials and the environment should be taken into consideration.