Acrylic products made of inferior acrylic materials will show deformation, yellowing and blackening after a period of time, and may also be processed into defective products. Therefore, a good acrylic material determines the quality of a product. Today, Sunday Knight Co Ltd is here to teach you how to identify genuine and fake acrylic products.

Custom solid acrylic blocks
  1. Observation method. Observe the characteristics of the acrylic material itself. When purchasing acrylic products, look at whether the acrylic sheet has faded or the gloss is not high to distinguish whether the quality is bad. Of course, we can also check the acrylic product manual to see if it is consistent with the actual situation of the acrylic sheet. Identify whether it is a regular acrylic product.
  2. Hot melt method. Acrylic materials of poor quality will be stuck together and difficult to separate after being hot melted. Good quality will not be so. Therefore, it is also possible to identify genuine and fake acrylic products by heat melting.
  3. Light transmission method. The white light emitted by the light is transmitted through the acrylic sheet. If yellow or blue color is found, the quality of the acrylic may be incorrect, because the acrylic sheet has a high light transmittance and the light transmitted is white light and will not be absorbed Other light colors.
  4. Combustion method. Use a small finished product for a burning test. If it burns all at once, it means that the acrylic product is inferior and not good. Of course, don’t burn it if it is expensive.