As a non-toxic environmentally friendly substance, Acrylic is widely used in advertising, handicrafts, lighting and other industries, and is closely related to our lives. In fact, high-quality acrylic sheets do not have any odor, because some manufacturers consider the cost and use inferior raw materials to produce a pungent odor.

However, acrylic products often have an odor, which is usually caused by residual glue odor. Commonly used adhesives are: shadowless adhesives, instant adhesives, epoxy adhesives, UV adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, etc. . How to get rid of the smell of acrylic products?

1, Cleaning:
Use clean water and detergent, do not use other water, including impurities, this method is easy to operate.

2, Ventilation:
You need to place the acrylic product in a dry and ventilated place and leave it open. Usually placed for about 2-3 days, the smell can disappear completely.

3, Grapefruit skin:
During the drying process, some grapefruit peels can be placed around the acrylic products. The grapefruit peel has a strong ability to clean the air. It can help quickly eliminate the smell of acrylic products.