The cut acrylic sheet has a zigzag pattern on the end surface, which is not smooth and does not emit natural luster. According to the requirements of acrylic products, the following polishing processes are available:

1, Planer cutting and polishing method:
The acrylic sheet to be sliced ​​is directly pushed on the planer, and the blade cutting on the planer cuts out the uneven position of the jagged surface of the acrylic sheet. The planer is only 3,000 turns because of the low speed, after cutting There is still a knife mark on the end of the acrylic sheet. At the same time, because the acrylic sheet is not pressed or the pressure is not balanced, some places will be cut, and some places will not be cut. For the less demanding acrylic display products. At the same time, the thickness of the acrylic sheet is less than 2.0mm, and the end surface can be cut by a planer;

2, Diamond polishing machine polishing method:
The diamond polishing machine can effectively solve the defects of the ordinary planer. Firstly, the stacked acrylic sheets can be aligned and compacted, so that the acrylic sheets which are not uniform in the acrylic sheet can be effectively prevented from being polished, and the acrylic sheets are avoided. Some acrylic sheets that are loose during running cannot be polished. The cutter head of the diamond polishing machine is made of artificial diamonds, which has higher hardness and service life than the alloy blades, thus ensuring the polishing of the cut acrylic sheet end faces. Stability and precision, while the rotation speed is higher, the rotation speed can reach 18,000 rpm, which makes the knife marks after polishing more fine. If the naked eye is not facing the light, it is difficult to find these lines, so the diamond polishing machine is polished. The process is more suitable for the acrylic display products with high requirements, and the acrylic display products with comparative thickness of acrylic sheets. If zero tolerance is required for these lines, the subsequent grinding can be solved by the cloth mill polishing method;

3, Cloth polishing machine polishing method:
The cloth wheel polishing machine coats a high-speed rotating cloth wheel with a different number of polishing waxes. Generally, the polishing wheel will be thicker for the first time, and the subsequent polishing wax will be polished with fine polishing wax and polished with diamonds. The surface of the machine-polished acrylic sheet will still have small knife marks, and the knife marks will be polished to the extent that the naked eye cannot see them;

4, Flame polisher polishing method:
The flame polishing machine quickly eliminates the small burrs or lines on the surface of the acrylic sheet by high temperature, and is especially suitable for the quick head surface polishing of the side edges, concave surfaces, irregular edges, etc. of the acrylic advertising crystal or craft carving products. The problem that the cloth wheel can’t do.