1, The erosion of acrylic by the adhesive leaves traces that are difficult to remove, and the adhesive can be applied to the parts that do not need to be bonded to prevent corrosion by the adhesive.

2, Grease, dust or air bubbles are not conducive to the uniform application of the adhesive. Therefore, the parts to be bonded should be cleaned before bonding to avoid air bubbles.

3, If the amount of the adhesive is too small, the adhered surface may not be completely bonded, or the adhesive may be brought into the air when the adhesive is cured and shrunk, thereby affecting the appearance. Therefore, use an appropriate amount of adhesive.

4, Avoid direct blowing. Because this will make the cross section of the bond white. At the same time, attention should be paid to indoor humidity and temperature.

5, Acrylic products should be protected from direct long-term exposure to sunlight before they are bonded with an adhesive but not fully cured. Otherwise, acrylic products will have different degrees of yellowing, which will seriously affect the beauty of acrylic products.