Acrylic box

Wall mounted suggestion box SKAB-028

Empower feedback and engagement with our wall-mounted suggestion box. Designed for convenience and accessibility, this secure box mounts easily, providing a visible and discreet platform for insights.

Blue suggestion box SKAB-027

Encourage input with our vibrant blue suggestion box. Crafted for both visibility and confidentiality, this secure box invites feedback while maintaining discretion. Ideal for offices, events, or customer service areas.

Charity collection boxes SKAB-026

Support noble causes with our charity collection boxes. Designed for trust and convenience, these durable containers provide a secure platform for collecting donations.

Employee suggestion box SKAB-025

Foster innovation and engagement in your workplace with our employee suggestion box. Designed for confidentiality and accessibility, this secure box encourages team members to share ideas and feedback.

Suggestion box with lock SKAB-024

Encourage open feedback while ensuring confidentiality with our suggestion box featuring a secure lock. Crafted for trust and privacy, this sturdy box invites input while maintaining the security of submissions.

Locking ballot box SKAB-023

Ensure the integrity of every vote or submission with our locking ballot box. Crafted for secure collection, this robust container features a reliable lock to safeguard ballots or entries. Ideal for elections, contests, or feedback collection.

Voting ballot box SKAB-022

Facilitate fair and transparent voting processes with our dedicated voting ballot box. Designed for secure collection and utmost integrity, this robust container ensures confidentiality and trust in every vote.

Acrylic ballot box with lock SKAB-021

Secure your voting or feedback collection with our acrylic ballot box featuring a dependable lock. Crafted for transparent yet confidential collection, this durable container ensures the integrity of every entry.

Outdoor brochure holder SKAB-020

Keep your information accessible and protected outdoors with our durable outdoor brochure holder. Crafted for weather resistance and visibility, this holder securely displays brochures or flyers in any outdoor setting.

Clear donation box SKAB-019

Transparently collect support with our clear donation box. Designed for trust and visibility, this see-through container allows contributors to witness their impact.

Heart shaped donation box SKAB-018

Share love and support with our heart-shaped donation box. Crafted to inspire generosity and care, this unique container invites contributions while symbolizing compassion. Ideal for charity events, causes, or fundraisers.

Raffle ticket box SKAB-017

Make your raffle or event standout with our professional raffle ticket box. Designed for ease and fairness, this sturdy container securely collects and stores tickets for impartial draws.