Acrylic material surface treatment methods are generally divided into bright and matte surfaces. The material is the same, but the surface effect of different acrylic sheets is presented. The bright surface naturally means that the surface is shiny and has a smooth flat surface effect. High transparency, high brightness, no bubble, is the basic quality requirement of glossy acrylic. No matter how thin or thick material can meet such quality requirements, which is why many fashion high-end brand enterprises in the mall Terminal display, more willing to choose to use very thick glossy acrylic material.

Matte acrylic, compared to the acrylic surface of the glossy surface, the surface of the product has a matte effect, the surface characteristics of the material is opaque. The biggest advantage of matte acrylic is that when the acrylic material is taken by hand, the surface of the material is not easy to leave fingerprint marks, which ensures the cleanness and cleanliness of the surface of the acrylic product during use. And when the materials are displayed in the strong lighting environment of shopping malls, exhibition halls and counters, the frosting effect of the acrylic surface, even in the strong light environment, will not cause the surface of the material to reflect, so that the customer can still see at any angle. Go to the content displayed on the acrylic panel.

Whether it is glossy acrylic sheet or matte acrylic sheet, it is used by many fashion famous brands in the display rack of the mall. Even some acrylic display racks will use both materials at the same time.