Everyone has the habit of shopping around when buying things. Similarly, custom-made acrylic products are no exception. Many online customers have looked for 5 or 6 manufacturers for quotations before confirming to buy acrylic products from Sunday Knight Co Ltd. Some customers choose the cheap ones. Some customers choose Sunday Knight Co Ltd, which was not the cheapest price but have a reputation. There are also customers who find Sunday Knight Co Ltd after they are dissatisfied after looking for samples.

The development of the Internet has made everyone’s business more and more open, and at the same time, it has become more and more difficult to do business. The Internet makes it easy for customers to find manufacturers, the range of choices is becoming wider and wider, and the price of acrylic products is also become transparency. In order to take orders, some factories quoted very very low price. The price is so low that we are surprised, and it is almost close to the cost price. Is it true that some people are so “stupid” to not make money?

On the contrary, no one who can be a boss is stupid, but they are all good at it. The trickiness of cheap acrylic products lies in the raw materials. In order to reduce the cost and fight the price war, the black-hearted manufacturers use recycled acrylic. The price of this acrylic material is very low, only half of the new acrylic material. This kind of recycled acrylic is made of recycled scraps, so the transparency is not high, and the color is generally yellow. If you look carefully, you can find small pits on the surface. You can image the quality of this acrylic product.

Originally, competition in the market has advantages and disadvantages for both consumers and manufacturers. Consumers can buy products at cheaper prices. Manufacturers can only improve the level of technology and efficiency to reduce production costs if they want to survive, instead of thinking about materials.

With the changes in the acrylic industry market, many companies sacrifice product quality to reduce prices in order to improve their competitiveness. But at Sunday Knight Co Ltd, we never cut corners on the quality of acrylic products, let alone sacrifice quality and reduce our workmanship in order to cater to low prices. Doing that is nothing more than reducing our brand and smashing our own brand. Is irresponsible to customers.

Ordering acrylic products not only depends on the price, but more importantly, the pragmatic and product quality of the long-term cooperation can be purchased with confidence, comfort and peace of mind.