1, Pay attention to the transparency of the acrylic display stand.

Acrylic has a transmittance that is not achievable with other materials, reaching 92%. We first judge the pros and cons of acrylic materials by detecting the transmittance. Just put a piece of pure white paper on the back of the acrylic display stand. If you look at the white paper through acrylic, it is very clear and there is no discoloration, indicating that the material is a good acrylic. If the white paper is discolored, it means that the material contains more impurities and the purity is not high. Natural transmittance is compared.

2, Pay attention to the adhesion of the acrylic display stand.

Custom acrylic display stands are generally bonded together by multiple components. The first thing to look at is whether there is excess glue oozing out at the joint, whether there are bubbles, bubbles or glue oozing, which directly affects the appearance and destruction of the display. Translucent visual effect; In addition, the components are bonded together, and it is also necessary to pay attention to whether it is flat or not. If there is no fine fixture, high-quality glue, the angle of bonding is difficult to control, and the quality is difficult to stabilize.

3, Pay attention to the polishing and polishing of the acrylic display stand.

Acrylic display stands are generally required to obtain the required specifications by cutting acrylic sheets according to the structural requirements. After cutting, the edges are rough, opaque, and the hands are not immediately used for production. Generally, several polishing processes are required, and the components can be reached. Smooth and round, high light transmission, no hand scraping. Sunday Knight Co Ltd has a variety of polishing equipment such as flame polishing, cloth polishing, diamond polishing, etc., so Sunday Knight Co Ltd displays a variety of custom acrylic display stands to ensure the quality.

4, Pay attention to observe the silk screen effect of the acrylic display stand.

In order to achieve the best commercial display effect, many customers need to screen or LOGO on the acrylic custom display stand. Be sure to observe whether the silk screen pattern is clear, whether the color registration is accurate, whether the lines are fine and no flash, and gently lick the pattern. Look at the edge to see if it will fade.