Glass is something we have been in contact with for a long time. In our opinion, transparent products are generally made of glass. We never thought that one day glass will be eliminated by acrylic products. Perhaps acrylic products are continuously improved according to the disadvantages of glass to replace glass. What is the reason that acrylic products leap forward? The following is a good explanation of the main reasons why acrylic products replace glass.

  1. The light transmittance of acrylic is very good, the light transmittance reaches more than 92%, and the light transmittance of general glass is 85%, so the dyed acrylic craft products are crystal clear under the sunlight, very beautiful!
  2. Acrylic has a very good insulation effect, which should be found in many electronic products. For example, some very small component insulators used in products such as tablet computers, mobile phones, computers, audios, televisions, etc. When the product is being repaired, pay attention to it, you can see it.
  3. Acrylic is very resistant to climate. It will not turn yellow and shattered due to sun exposure and freezing, making it very convenient for you to clean. We usually pay attention to light boxes, billboards and covers of roadside lights around the road when working, many of them use acrylic materials, regardless of wind and rain, snow, sun and sun, acrylic light boxes and advertising The service life of the brand and lampshade is very long, which is due to the stability of the acrylic material and the strong and light type.
  1. Acrylic is very environmentally friendly and can be used repeatedly. We may often encounter that glass cups, broken or something, is to sweep the broom to the trash bin. Some products made of glass, when moving, are heavy and inconvenient to take and lose It ’s a pity, and it ’s not a good price to sell scrap. But if there are products made of acrylic materials at home, don’t be so bad, this kind of material recycling, the price is very high! Anyone who collects scrap will know.
  2. Acrylic has a high degree of freedom in portrayal, and can be freely processed into the type you want:

Acrylic materials are lighter than ordinary glass materials, and the cutting and processing skills are not cluttered. Acrylic products can basically meet the needs of various industries for product customization. As large as aircraft windows, fighter window covers, tank viewing windows, etc., large and small shapes, high and low thickness, can be made according to customer needs.