Have you found that the application of acrylic is permeating all aspects of our lives? No matter where you go, you can find its footprint…

Now walking on the street, you can see acrylic products everywhere. The most common is the acrylic sign. Why is the acrylic sign so popular with everyone? The following is brought to you by the acrylic expert Sunday Knight Co Ltd.

Most of the UV-printed acrylic advertising signs are printed on transparent acrylic boards by UV printers. Generally speaking, both front and back can be printed. It is one of the best-looking production methods to print the back of the UV-printed advertising sign on the advertising sign, and then return the protective film. The bottom of the UV-printed acrylic advertising sign is printed to show the texture and transparency of the acrylic board. In terms of three-dimensional sense, this kind of crafting is very beautiful. Because the transparency of the tempered glass paint is very beautiful. Acrylic sheet is like tempered glass, so we usually call it acrylic glass.

Acrylic materials have been widely used in various forms of signage. Acrylic logo products are very beautiful and have many effects that cannot be achieved by materials. What are the advantages of acrylic materials?Sunday Knight Co Ltd will introduce to you.

Strong visual effect: The acrylic material itself is colorful, smooth, and has a light transmittance of 92%, so the products made have strong visual impact and diverse colors;

Durability: Acrylic logo has long-term weather resistance, never fades, it has good protection for the built-in light source, and it can not be compared with printing or metal materials;

Impact resistance: Acrylic sheet has a high index of impact resistance, and is particularly suitable for installation in areas requiring safety, with little risk of being crushed or broken;

Light transmittance: The light transmittance is up to 92%, which has the reputation of “plastic crystal”;

Aesthetics: Because the products made of acrylic materials are bright and transparent, and the manufacturing process is relatively simple, acrylic materials are widely used, not only for the labeling industry, but also favored by other industries;

Recyclability: It is a recyclable material. Acrylic products in today’s society with increasing awareness of environmental protection are loved by more people.

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