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The equipment for sawing acrylics is quite different from ordinary woodworking saws. Nowadays, the small-scale enterprises in the acrylic industry generally use laser cutting to carry out the material. The larger ones use woodworking equipment to carry out the material. In fact, there are still many misunderstandings. Acrylic sheets, PS sheets, all have similar physical […]

1, Pay attention to the transparency of the acrylic display stand. Acrylic has a transmittance that is not achievable with other materials, reaching 92%. We first judge the pros and cons of acrylic materials by detecting the transmittance. Just put a piece of pure white paper on the back of the acrylic display stand. If […]

Here are some tips for how to clean acrylic display stands: 1. When the acrylic display rack has traces and oil stains, use a cloth or cotton to drop a little kerosene or white wine, and gently wipe it, it will be bright and bright. 2. If there is dirt on the acrylic display stand […]

Maybe sometimes you are surprised why the prices are so different for same style acrylic display stands from different suppliers. In fact, the acrylic display price is relative with the acrylic materials. Many acrylic sheet manufacturers are in pursuit of profit, poor production technology, and the production of degradation monomers, the purity is not high,  […]

With the widespread use of acrylic, the use of acrylic display stands is also increasingly widespread. At the same time as the use, the maintenance of the display stand is usually ignored. If you want to keep the acrylic display stand in use while still maintaining a bright luster, then certain maintenance and cleaning are […]