Nowadays, many display stands or various boxes were customized by acrylic materials. And customers have to go through a series of searches and selections in order to determine whether it is a suitable acrylic manufacturer to produce their own products.  After the customers made a decision, they will send an inquiry. Acrylic manufacturers will make quotations according to customer requirements. However, many customers do not understand why is acrylic sample more expensive than mass goods.  Acrylic professional Sunday Knight Co Ltd will share with you why this is.

In fact, most of the acrylic manufacturer’s offers are reasonable. For small order quantity, generally it was considered as a prototype price for any manufacturers. Because whatever we produce 10, 100 or 1000, the process of drawing, making molds and so on are same. Moreover, there is only one quantity, and in case there is a little damage in the production process, it is the responsibility of the acrylic manufacturer. So this is the most fundamental reason.

Of course, the acrylic factory will not only consider itself. Under normal circumstances, the sample fee will be indispensable, but in the subsequent mass goods, the sample cost will be 100% refunded if the order quantity reaches the min. order quantity.

So, when you meet a manufacturer who needs to charge you sample cost, please understand.