There are many kinds of fish tanks on the market, but acrylic fish tanks are more and more popular in these years. Why choose acrylic fish tanks?               The main advantages of acrylic fish tank is from the acrylic material feature. 1. The acrylic transmittance is up to 92%, […]

In the supply and demand, customers in the search business will have this experience: constantly looking for suppliers, continue to price comparison, once hear a lower price of the enterprise, immediately change the supplier, that the price is ace, Only to win the low price, to master the control. But is the truth really like […]

Recently cloth acrylic home ware from Sunday Knight Co Ltd began to be sought in the world. Cloth acrylic material was made of common acrylic plus fabric. This material has both cloth pattern and color, but also has a crystal general acrylic material transparency and chemical stability, is currently widely used in color mask, aircraft […]

Acrylic furniture

June 19, 2017

Acrylic furniture first appeared in the European development in the 1990s, to the 21st century acrylic furniture was developed by leaps and bounds, high-end hotels, villas can be seen in the home furnishings of acrylic furniture in the field of aesthetic interpretation of the classic. Since 1920, Germany Rohm & Haas (Rohm & Haas) produced […]

Are your selling finger spinners? Do you have suitable display stands for your elegant finger spinners?  If not yet, don’t worry, we can help you, we are professional Chinese acrylic display designer and maker, we helped hundreds of customers to display their products properly. We would like to share some of our latest designed finger […]

Transparent acrylic furniture: Glass and metal furniture not only feel cool, and a high degree of reflection, to give people a stronger sense of cold. In the glass table placed in white porcelain for decoration, more special effects. Especially in the summer, its clear enough to resist the feeling of outdoor hot sun; transparent furniture, […]

There are 3 important technology parameters of acrylic: Hardness, Thickness, Transparency 1, Hardness Hardness is the best embodiment of casting acrylic sheet production process and technology parameters, is an important part of quality control. Hardness can reflect the purity of raw materials PMMA, sheet weathering resistance and high temperature performance. Hardness directly affect whether the sheet […]

We are acrylic dome manufacturer from China, the color / size of dome can be custom made according to your requirements. Free tooling cost if your order quantity reached our MOQ. Would you like to know how to make the acrylic dome? We shared the making method, please watch below video for more details.  

Acrylic tray is really a a single simple container which can be found throughout dwellings, workplace,hotel plus dining establishments. Most of these distinct acrylic display containers are good for: accessories,art and Crafts,Confectionery,marketing presents and everything kinds of office stationery.           Why most of these plastic tray consists of acrylic is that […]

A calendar is a procedure connected with setting up days to weeks pertaining to interpersonal, non secular, industrial, or perhaps admin functions. You study your appointments all year long, consider provide a setting merit your home decoration? Normally there are hanging calendar holder and also desktop calendar holder. Plus the following ,we would like to […]

Transparent plexiglass handicrafts are always clear, crystal clarity. While how to design new handicraft is determined by the itself shape / color. We always test many time for creating a new handicrafts.  Not only need a good idea, but also need careful processing in order to make a beautiful handicrafts. With more and more higher standard from people,  more and more plexiglass […]