Have you found that the application of acrylic is permeating all aspects of our lives? No matter where you go, you can find its footprint… Now walking on the street, you can see acrylic products everywhere. The most common is the acrylic sign. Why is the acrylic sign so popular with everyone? The following is […]

Glass is something we have been in contact with for a long time. In our opinion, transparent products are generally made of glass. We never thought that one day glass will be eliminated by acrylic products. Perhaps acrylic products are continuously improved according to the disadvantages of glass to replace glass. What is the reason […]

How to make acrylic box

April 1, 2020

Acrylic boxes are easy to process, low cost, good light transmission performance, and can clearly see the internal products; therefore acrylic boxes are widely used in hypermarkets and specialty stores. Today, let ’s talk about acrylic box manufacturing methods and acrylic boxes Production skills! Acrylic boxes are made of transparent acrylic. Generally, acrylic sheets with […]

How to choose the right acrylic manufacturer as your partner? Acrylic product customization service usually has a large contract amount. The quality assurance ability, supply ability and capital ability of the supplier will have a great impact on the completion of your order. So we need to consider the following principles when choosing the right […]

How to deal with aging acrylic products? I think a lot of friends who use acrylic products want to know about this. The professional acrylic manufacturer – Sunday Knight Co Ltd will give you a detailed introduction. Due to the wide application of acrylic products, people began to realize that this new material brings us […]

Acrylic display stands

December 30, 2019

Acrylic display stands recently launched are widely loved by people. Ordinary display stands are nothing more than wooden products or glass and plastic products, and they are not beautiful in some stores. Although you don’t care too much about buying items, if you use acrylic display stands, you can greatly increase the display rate of […]

Recently, I saw on the forum that netizens are asking “Will acrylic products turn yellow after using them for a long time?” This is also a question that many customers will worry about when buying acrylic products. The acrylic manufacturers-Sunday Knight Co Ltd will answer them in detail. Before answering this question, we first need […]

Acrylic material surface treatment methods are generally divided into bright and matte surfaces. The material is the same, but the surface effect of different acrylic sheets is presented. The bright surface naturally means that the surface is shiny and has a smooth flat surface effect. High transparency, high brightness, no bubble, is the basic quality […]

1, The erosion of acrylic by the adhesive leaves traces that are difficult to remove, and the adhesive can be applied to the parts that do not need to be bonded to prevent corrosion by the adhesive. 2, Grease, dust or air bubbles are not conducive to the uniform application of the adhesive. Therefore, the […]

As a non-toxic environmentally friendly substance, Acrylic is widely used in advertising, handicrafts, lighting and other industries, and is closely related to our lives. In fact, high-quality acrylic sheets do not have any odor, because some manufacturers consider the cost and use inferior raw materials to produce a pungent odor. However, acrylic products often have […]

Acrylic boxes are widely used in hypermarkets and specialty stores because of their ease of processing, good light transmission, and clear visibility of external products. The professional acrylic box processing plant Sunday Knight Co Ltd, share with you the acrylic box manufacturing method and acrylic box manufacturing skills. Acrylic boxes are made of transparent acrylic […]

Acrylic is an indispensable material in both life and advertising. It is often used in advertising signs, cultural walls, and wall making, acrylic photo frames, desk cards, etc. We can see it anytime, anywhere. I believe that many friends sometimes encounter such a problem, that is, how to clean the glue on acrylic surface, when […]

How to polish acrylic

April 14, 2019

The cut acrylic sheet has a zigzag pattern on the end surface, which is not smooth and does not emit natural luster. According to the requirements of acrylic products, the following polishing processes are available: 1, Planer cutting and polishing method:The acrylic sheet to be sliced ​​is directly pushed on the planer, and the blade […]

Before, we have been talking about what is acrylic, how to bond acrylic, the type of acrylic sheet, etc.. Today, we will tell you about “how to maintain, the service life of acrylic products will last for a long time?”. 1, The temperature of acrylic products should not exceed 60 degrees when used continuously, so […]

In recent years, the home market has poured in many new materials, and acrylic is one of them. It entered the Chinese market in the 1990s, but it has been active in the field of outdoor advertising and outdoor decoration for more than 20 years. The time to enter the interior design field is very […]

The equipment for sawing acrylics is quite different from ordinary woodworking saws. Nowadays, the small-scale enterprises in the acrylic industry generally use laser cutting to carry out the material. The larger ones use woodworking equipment to carry out the material. In fact, there are still many misunderstandings. Acrylic sheets, PS sheets, all have similar physical […]

1, Pay attention to the transparency of the acrylic display stand. Acrylic has a transmittance that is not achievable with other materials, reaching 92%. We first judge the pros and cons of acrylic materials by detecting the transmittance. Just put a piece of pure white paper on the back of the acrylic display stand. If […]

Here are some tips for how to clean acrylic display stands: 1. When the acrylic display rack has traces and oil stains, use a cloth or cotton to drop a little kerosene or white wine, and gently wipe it, it will be bright and bright. 2. If there is dirt on the acrylic display stand […]

Maybe sometimes you are surprised why the prices are so different for same style acrylic display stands from different suppliers. In fact, the acrylic display price is relative with the acrylic materials. Many acrylic sheet manufacturers are in pursuit of profit, poor production technology, and the production of degradation monomers, the purity is not high,  […]

With the widespread use of acrylic, the use of acrylic display stands is also increasingly widespread. At the same time as the use, the maintenance of the display stand is usually ignored. If you want to keep the acrylic display stand in use while still maintaining a bright luster, then certain maintenance and cleaning are […]